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Gati Minerals is amongst the prominent suppliers of Quartz Powder & Quartz Lumps Manufacturer in India. Gati minerals are the highest manufacturing quartz powder and quartz lumps. Powdered quartz is utilized in making porcelain, scouring cleansers, sandpaper, and wood fillers. The latest applications are based on solar panels. The Quartz lumps, Quartz powder, and other Quartz products are supplied 100% pure and eco friendly. One can order quantity as required and provide it with safe packaging and on-time delivery for buyers. We have our manufacturing unit in India and cater our services in International markets also. We are a believed name for giving various sorts of quartz irregularities, which discovers application in artistic and different ventures. These irregularities are accessible in various molecule sizes based on the prerequisite of clients by Quartz Powder & Quartz Lumps Manufacturer in India

Quartz is the second most found mineral in the Earth’s crust. These stones are made by a continual processing of SiO4 silicon–oxygenated tetrahedral structure, with every oxygen being shared between two tetrahedral, giving a general formula as SiO2. It is a basic part of sedimentary, metamorphic and igneous rocks. The size differs from a metric ton to minute particles depending upon radiance in rock surfaces. The radiance in certain examples is vitreous; in others, it is oily or reflexive.

In the pure form, quartz is colorless, however, it is generally hued by additional influences. This precious stone is a dry type of quartz happening in particular gems. Rose quartz is coarsely crystalline and rose-red colored or pink. Smoky quartz exists in precious stones extending from smoky yellow to dull darker. Amethyst, a semiprecious assortment of quartz, is purple or violet.


We present ourselves as a famous producer, exporter, distributor and provider of Quartz Powder. Quartz Powder & Quartz Lumps Manufacturer in India offers powder is prepared at our handling unit by utilizing advanced gear and methods remembering the all set quality standards. This powder is known for its high mass thickness, insolubility in water. The range we provide is relevant to different business purposes in tiles and rocks.

Quartz Powder & Quartz Lumps Manufacturer in India also offer our customers a wide range of Quartz Lump. Our Quartz Lump is a composite comprised of 93% quartz, 7% polyester sap, and color. The primary crude material utilized in assembling these Quartz lumps is mineral shade. Quartz Lump has the attribute of solid corrosive and antacid obstruction, which is the best among different stones. The outside of the Quartz Lump is non-permeable, cleaned and totally smooth with no little pits or blemishes that make it exceptionally impermeable to stains.


On account of its piezoelectric properties, quartz precious stone has significant applications in the hardware business. Various structures are utilized as gemstones. Since it is an essential component of sand it is additionally used to make glass and labware, silica block, concrete, and mortar. Ground quartz is utilized as a rough-in stone cutting, sandblasting, and glass granulate. Powdered quartz is utilized in making porcelain, scouring cleansers, sandpaper, and wood fillers. The latest applications are based on solar panels.


Quartz Powder & Quartz Lumps Manufacturer in India has an upper hand of having our own mines of quartz and can give quartz lumps according to the necessity of the customers. We do have sorting out process of knots which incorporates: Sorting, washing, re-estimating, again washing and packaging. For any query, you can visit www.gatiminerals.com

We put our best foot forward to serve our customers. stock in a long term relationship since our clients are our pride and we attempt our route best to meet up to their desires and that with our products, they do accomplish higher standards in the market. Ours seek for the best naturally existing stones is ceaseless. To you, our important clients, Quartz Powder & Quartz Lumps Manufacturer in India give our best stones and you are constantly confined with stone excellence, any place you are. We welcome you always and clearly guarantee you warm invites since we have faith in genuine client care.

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