Manufacturer Supplier Exporter of Quartz in India

Manufacturer Supplier Exporter of Quartz in India-Quartz grains is a crystal form of Silica that is found in massive forming hills, in various forms like quartz sand, quartz powder, quartz grains sandstone, and quartzite. Gati minerals is a well-established quartz manufacturer, exporter, and supplier in Indian markets and as well as international markets. We supply them with safe, industrial-grade packing.

Throughout the years, the interest of Quartz has been on the ascent. Being an oxide mineral with a solidness that can be viewed as fragile, Quartz is said to be the second most abundant mineral on the Earth’s outside layer, yet additionally one of the most significant. Quartz comes in various shapes, structures, colors, and transparencies further expanding its worth and overall intrigue. Plenty of nations send out this mineral, yet none like India. Starting in 2017, India was the second biggest Quartz exporter in the world, trading Quartz worth over $61.3 million over the globe. In India only, there are hundreds of Manufacturer Supplier Exporter of Quartz in India but none like Gati Minerals.

Being India’s one of the biggest Manufacturer Supplier Exporter of Quartz in India commercial, Gati Minerals needs to take Quartz fares to the following level. We utilize the best and most progressive methods to give the best quartz items across India and the world on the loose. Manufacturer Supplier Exporter of Quartz in India produces the best quartz sand, quartz slabs, and quartz granules, conveying them simply after we have guaranteed that they are fabricated, handled and put away under the best quality condition and utilizing the latest technology.


• Low Maintenance
• Non-Porous
• High Resistance to Staining
• High Flexural Strength
• High Abrasion Resistance
• High Resistance to Acid
• Scratch and Chip Resistance


Quartz Stone can be applied at
• Airports
• Shopping Center
• Office
• Gymnasium
• Hotels
• Schools
• Religious Places
• Restaurants
• Hospitals,
• Corridors Halls
• Discotheque
Gati Minerals is a leading Manufacturer Supplier Exporter of Quartz in India. Some of its products are:
• Quartz lumps
• Quartz Sand
• Quartz Grains
• Quartz Powder
• Quartz Gritz
• Quartz Slab
• Feldspar
• Silica Sand

Our Quartz is Majorly exported in the following countries:

• Russia
• Nepal
• Bangladesh
• China
• Kazakhstan

Manufacturer Supplier Exporter of Quartz in India supply quartz stone over the world in mass as per request inside time limit with affordable cost. We produce the best nature of quartz stone and a section for local and inns in our industry. Rock is inclined to harm as it can hold stains from cooking oils and oil effectively in light of its permeable structure which gives it the property of retaining the fluid. Stone is a generally delicate material that is inclined to scratching notwithstanding this rock can likewise effectively.

Manufacturer Supplier Exporter of Quartz in India actualized thorough quality controls and keeps the major focus on the detailing all through the manufacturing procedure, a standard received from numerous long periods of working a well-established business.

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